Saturday, April 13, 2013

" The IceMan” Richard Kuklinski - The Mafia Hit-Man

As a confessed contracted killer, The IceMan is said to have knocked off around 200 people or more. He worked with the Gambino Crime family, working under another crazed made member of the Mafia, Roy DeMeo. Together they worked out of a social club nicked named "The House of Horrors". A fitting name for a place that held the event of murder on a regular basis.

Like most Mafia hitmen, Kuklinski also worked alone. His murdering was not just business, but also personal. In-fact, some of his first murders had nothing to do with the Mafia. Some of which that include burning a guy to death outside of a bar for mouthing off to him and whacking people that owed him money for playing him in games of pool.

Kuklinski was true hitmen material, he lived a double life where his family knew nothing about what he did for money. His wife did say, "she did not know what he was up to, but knew not to ask."

The FBI would eventually catch up to him by wiring him and getting him to accept a contract deal. He was later was convicted of 5 counts of murder and sentence to life +.

In his years in prison he enjoyed some fame by telling his story. He was documented not once but twice by HBO and was able to tell his story to a second party for a book.

Kuklinski's confessions, may be the closest the FBI would ever get to knowing what happen to the most suspicious disappearance in America history. Kuklinski claims he an five other men abducted Hoffa and killed him, but there is not enough evidence to put any proof to he's claims.

In Kuklinski's confessions, he blames his ability to detach emotionally from his victims, because of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father.

In fact, the only time Kuklinski's showed any emotion throughout the confessions of his life of murdering was when he talked about his wife and kids.

Kuklinski died in prison of naturally causes at the age of 70. His death till this day is a little bit of a mysteries, some actually believed he was whacked due to the fact that he was supposed to take the stand against the famous Sammy the Bull for murder, in turn those charges were dropped. 

A 6 foot 5 inch crazy sociopath, with an a abusive father and temper. The Iceman was a perfect hitman.

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